Show Your Trees Some TLC

Set up a tree trimming appointment in Oklahoma City, OK

Are your trees growing out of control? Total Home Contractors, LLC can help by completing your tree trimming project in Oklahoma City, OK.

Trimming your trees improves the health and appearance of your trees by increasing their sun exposure and air circulation. It can open up space in your yard and improve your property’s curb appeal, as well.

Get in touch with us right away to get the ball rolling on your tree trimming project. We’ll remove your trees’ dead and unsightly branches in no time.

Remove hazardous trees from your property

Remove hazardous trees from your property

Total Home Contractors completes stump and tree removal jobs in the Oklahoma City, OK area. We’ll remove trees that are dead or too close to your building without damaging the rest of your property. Removing hazardous tress:

  • Stops tree diseases from spreading
  • Prevents trees from falling on your property
  • Provides you with more open space and a better view
  • Saves your foundation, driveway and sidewalks from being damaged by roots

If you need unsightly stumps removed, we can tackle that, too. Call 405-269-1005 today to schedule tree removal services.